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I’m beginning to realize more and more just how small this blogsphere really is. The other week almost every other food blog I visited had some mention of Blog Aid: Recipes for Haiti. As I came to learn it is an amazing effort from some food bloggers to put together a cookbook to sell and raise funds to help relieve some of the effects from the disaster in Haiti. I was awed by such a great show of compassion and action. All of the blogs pointed to Julie from Dinner with Julie as the person who had spearheaded the whole project.

Not that long after I was continuing my never ending search for Canadian presence in the online food blog world and stumbled upon Cuisine Canada Scene and they were doing a feature on none other than Ms.Julie! I was chucked to bits to find out that such an admirable woman was a fellow Canuk. One link lead to another and I found myself on Julie’s blog and gawking at the most incredible looking buns. There’s a great story behind the post, which includes making home made lard. Check it out, after you’re done here of course.

So yesterday I went about making  these Ensaimadas myself. I changed things around a bit (I’m sure you can all relate). I decided to opt for a savory version, omitted the sugar and substituted it with some thyme and black pepper. I also didn’t have any lard, or pork fat from which to make some, so I used plain old butter. I can only imagine  how well that extra depth of flavor would go with this savory version. Next time… next time…

I keep intending to have a go at some of the recipes from the many cookbooks I have sitting on my shelves. But it seems that my attention keeps getting diverted by recipes posted by fellow bloggers. Does anyone else have this problem?


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